Really works wonder and gave me a new lease of youth liveliness and jou.
Debamita Bose (officer) kolkata

Arish Hair Plus Premium is amazing, I am totally satisfied with its result as it matches with my hair quality and gines me the result which is amazing.
Swapna Dutta (housewife)

About Arish Ayurveda
For a decade now, Anupama Ayurvedic Drug Co. Pvt. Ltd. has been the prime manufacturer of premium range of Ayurvedic medicines with their brand "Arish" for your overall beauty needs. It is one of the few brands which blend traditional, authentic and effective system of Ayurveda with modern scientific techniques that give you healthy beauty.

Professional aroma therapist Ratnendu Bikash Tripathi and his wife Anupama Tripathi invented a hair tonic made from plants, which enhances hair growth and prevents baldness – Arish Ayurvedic Hair Plus Premium. This exceptional product was granted patent in the year 2008 by the Government of India. It is after this sensational discovery Anupama Tripathi and Ratnendu Bikash Tripathi formed Anupama Ayurvedic Drug Co. Pvt. Ltd. and promoted "Arish", as their esteemed brand. 'CRO' (Clinical Research Organization) of Jadavpur University has thoroughly examined Arish Hair Plus Premium based on a number of pharmacological and toxicological experiments. This Ayurvedic hair product can also reduce stress to an exorbitant level.

Their research in Ayurvedic beauty medicines further resulted in the first ever range of Ayurvedic water based serums...
Arish Ayurvedic
Hair Plus Premium
About :
100% Natural Ayurvedic Patented & Proprietary Medicine with no chemical, preservative and Artificial colour. Arish Hair Plus Premium is the most authentic and effective hair fall treatment product brought to you by Anupama Ayurvedic Drug. Co. Arish Hair Plus Premium is patented in India & pharmacological evaluation done by Clinical Research Organization...
Arish Ayurvedic Haldi Neem Face Wash
About :
Active Ingredients: Tulsi, Neem, Rose, Haridra, Daruharidra, Honey. Indication: Effective for deep cleansing and also for pimple,acne and oily skin.Gives skin fresh look.
Apply all over the face and wash it with water two times daily and follow up with toner.
Net Content: 100ml
Arish Ayurvedic
Body Oil
About :
Active Ingredients: Saffron Oil, Orange Oil, Lemon Oil and Lavender Oil. Indication: This contains no preservative, no artificial colour and synthetic chemicals. Ideal for removing dead and Dry Skin Cells, Dryness of the Skin, Itchiness, makes the skin Fair and Bright, also helps to improve skin disorders and Wrinkles, ideal for body massage oil. Ideal
Arish Ayurvedic Rose Touchup Foundation
About :
Active Ingredients: Daruharidra, Raktachandan, Rose
First spray Arish Face Toner all over your face, apply amount as required and blend it evenly with a sponge to get a smooth look